Individual therapy


Are you struggling with forming or maintaining relationships?
Do you experience self-loathing or shame?
Have you gone through a period of transition, grief, or loss?
Do you want to improve your work/life balance or professional outlook?
Are you seeking relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADHD, trauma, or something else?

I work with adults 18 and older and treat most clinical issues and diagnoses. If you can relate to one or more of the above, or have questions about therapy, contact me to set up an initial, complimentary 15-minute consultation.

it takes courage to reach out. 

I appreciate that it can feel difficult to share your feelings with a stranger. It is of upmost importance to me that all individuals feel safe enough to talk about any concerns or feelings. I work hard to create a warm and trusting environment by being both empathic and direct. 

I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all method. 

Your needs are unique, so I will do my best to use a combination of approaches to suit you. My goal is to try to understand and appreciate the full context of your situation, and not solely the troubling symptoms. As we begin to establish trust, we will work collaboratively to determine what you hope to achieve from therapy. Some of my clients want to work in a more focused way on specific problems, others are more interested in self-reflection and understanding how past events may contribute to current feelings. If we determine that I am not a good fit for your particular concerns, I am happy to talk with you about other providers that might better meet your needs. 

With me, you'll have the space to try things in new ways.

If you're visiting this page, you already know that the way you've dealt or coped with your circumstances hasn't worked. Over time in therapy with me, I’ll help you uncover patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may contribute to your problem. You might discover strengths you'd like to further develop or traits or habits you'd like to change. Through empathic listening, challenging questions, and paying attention to the dynamics of our relationship, we will create the possibility of change. And while one goal may be to return to "normal," my ultimate hope is that you thrive. 

Whatever approach we take, I focus on our therapeutic relationship.  

Often, the ways you may react or feel towards me will mirror how you react or feel in other relationships. By being curious about our relationship, we can help you understand how you interact with others. With this new lens, you will gain insight to your relationships. 

By visiting, you've taken A step to improve yourself or your situation. 

The next step is to contact me so that we can arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation.