Frequently asked questions

What will our first session be like?

Our first few sessions will mainly focus on getting to know one another. I will ask a number of questions to try to get a sense of who you are and what are your concerns. I understand that sharing your concerns with a stranger can be difficult, so I will do my best to make you feel comfortable. We will use our first sessions to get a mutual sense of whether we think I will be able to help you. After two or three sessions, I will recommend a treatment plan to you. 

Should I prepare for my first session? 

No, but please arrive at least 10 minutes early, as there are several forms that I will ask you to complete at the beginning of our first meeting. 

How long are sessions?

  • Individual sessions are 45 minutes. 
  • Group sessions are 75 minutes. 

How long do people stay in therapy? 

There is no simple, or typical answer to this question.  Some people come to see me with a very specific concern or want help with a crisis.  They may feel that their issue resolves itself relatively quickly.  Other clients work with me for a longer period. Often issues in our lives have developed over a long period of time, and it takes time to work through these issues.  If you have any concerns about the length of your time in therapy, it is important that we talk about your concerns.

Can I try out different therapists? 

Absolutely. It is important to me that you feel like your therapist is a good fit for you. This may mean seeing a few therapists for initial appointments and thinking about who you will work best with. 

How do I pay for therapy sessions? 

I will provide you an invoice at the end of every month. Payment is expected within 20 days of receiving the invoice. After you pay for my services, I will promptly give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company in order to receive reimbursement. 

Comfortable office seating. 

Comfortable office seating. 

Quiet waiting room. 

Quiet waiting room. 


I am considered an “out of network” provider. This means that you pay me directly and that I do not work directly with an insurance company (see below for further explanation). Typically, a substantial portion of my fee (between 50%-80%) is covered by insurance. Prior to investing your time and energy in therapy, I strongly suggest that you contact your insurance company to understand how they will reimburse you for an “out of network psychologist”. While this may take a little bit of effort up-front, with this knowledge, you will better be able to navigate the process. 


I don't accept insurance for a number of reasons. Insurance companies often dictate the amount, duration, and kind(s) of treatment that they are willing to reimburse for clients. It is my strong opinion that this is a decision that should be made between you and I, and not by the insurance companies. Secondly, if I were to accept insurance, I would be required to send a good deal of your personal and confidential information to the insurance company. Once that information is sent, there are no guarantees that your information would remain confidential. 


Use the contact form or call me at (202) 888-4050 in order to schedule an appointment. I offer a free 15-minute session to get a sense of your needs and talk about scheduling our initial appointment. 

Please Note: Email is not always a secure form of communication. The confidentiality of information transmitted by email is not guaranteed. Please use the contact form for scheduling and brief non-emergency-related matters. 

How do I get to your office? 

My office is located at 1634 I Street, NW, a mere one block away from the Farragut West Metro Station (blue and orange lines) and two blocks away from the Farragut North Metro Station (red line).

The entrance to the building is adjacent to a frozen yogurt store. If you are driving, there are several public parking garages adjacent to the office building.

See also Contact & Directions

A close-up view of Farragut Square from my windows. 

A close-up view of Farragut Square from my windows.